Crystallization Workshop

For those wishing to fast track into the area of macromolecular crystallization there is no better way than to participate in a hands-on Crystallization Workshop that precedes the ICCBM13 Conference proper.  The Workshop takes place in Trinity Technology & Enterprise Campus from Thursday 9th to Sunday 12th September with laboratory exercises and demonstrations taking place on Friday 10th and Saturday 11th.

The registration fee for the Workshop is €250, this is a  separate and additional fee to the main conference registration. All participants of the workshop will be required to register for the main conference.  

In addition to catering to the needs of individuals wanting to learn how to do crystallogenesis the Workshop is designed for those wishing to acquire new crystallization skills.

The Workshop will be taught by instructors who themselves are leading practitioners in their respective fields. 

Morning lectures during the Workshop will provide background information on the crystallization techniques that will be demonstrated in the afternoon.

Hands-on demonstrations include:

One slot in the Workshop rotation will be devoted to displays and demonstrations by vendors of the latest crystallization and crystallography related supplies and instrumentation.

The Workshop will be conducted in the Membrane Structural and Functional Biology Group laboratories at Trinity College Dublin.  The labs are equipped with all of the instrumentation and supplies needed to conduct the demonstrations.  A diffractometer, a cryo-system and imaging equipment will be available for live demonstrations of crystal cryo-cooling and mounting, and for distinguishing salt from protein crystals. 

While standard and test proteins and other macromolecules will be available, Workshop participants will be invited to bring along samples of their own.  These can be used in crystallization/characterization trials during the Workshop under the close supervision of an expert Instructor.  The expectation is that participants will return to their home labs with the knowledge and confidence to demonstrate their newfound skills and to get crystallization studies underway.  Along the way, participants will also have established a support network of crystallogenesis experts to call upon as the need arises.

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