Poster Prize Winners

  1. P26 – Doreen Matthies
    Structural Studies on the ATP Synthase and Its Rotor Ring from a Thermoalkaliphilic Bacterium
  2. P39 – Laura Vera
  3. P44 – Aaron Streets
    Microfluidic Dynamic Light Scattering for Controlled Crystal Growth Investigations
  4. P66 – Shigeru Sugiyama
    Protein Crystallization in Agarose Gel with High Strength
  5. P79 – Maria A Hernandez Hernandez
    Coupling Counterdiffusion and Mirco-Seeding Techniques to Increase Protein Crystallization Success
  6. P87 – Chien Ying Chang
    A Mutational Approach to the Crystallization of Tec Family Kinase BMX
  7. P130 – E Melero-Garcia
    Crystallization in Gels: The Better Choice to Grow Crystals for Structural Determination
  8. P136 – Jennifer Miller
    Further stabilization of the β1-adrenergic receptor for improved crystal quality and resolution

Oral Presentation – accepted from abstract

  1. Joseph Lyons - In Meso Crystallization: A Role for Lipids