Other Meeting

IOBCr Board Meeting

The IOBCr Board meeting will be held on Tuesday 14th September at 19.30 in the O’Callaghan Alexander Hotel.
All members of the IOBCr Board are requested to attend.

PDBe Roadshow

The course is being conducted by the Protein Data Bank Europe (PDBe) (www.pdbe.org), one of the worldwide partners that manage the Protein Data Bank (PDB). The PDB is a collection of all publicly available 3-dimensional structures of biological macromolecules. This interactive course will include demonstrations of PDBe’s online services that will familiarize you with searching, exploring,  analyzing structural data available in the PDB, and the value-added data generated out the submitted structures, e.g. assemblies, interactions.
The course is designed to be useful to researchers at all levels of expertise from any field of science.

The PDBe Roadshow will take place each afternoon from 12.35 - 13.35 in the 3D Visualisation Suite in the Lloyd Institute of Trinity College.
20 delegates per day may attend this roadshow and sign up sheets for attendance can be found at the Registration Desk. Attendance is on a strictly first come first served basis. There is no charge to attend these sessions.

Industry Presentation

Presentations will take place on Monday 13th September from 15.55 - 16.15 in the Edmund Burke Theatre.


Protein Information Management System (PiMS) is a laboratory information management system (LIMS) for protein production.
PiMS is designed to support both high throughput methods and hypothesis driven work. It is especially suitable for long term projects, scattered collaborations, and service provision. The presentation entitled “PiMS and xtalPiMS: What can a LIMS do for protein scientists?” which will be given by Chris Morris on Wednesday 15th, 12.35 - 13.00 in the Edmund Burke Theatre.
He will discuss the benefits and disadvantages of using a LIMS for protein production and crystallogenesis.
To try xtalPiMS, visit: http://cselnx4.dl.ac.uk:8080/xtalpims/ (user name "demo", password "demo").